Saturday, November 12, 2011

From our sealing.

Since Blogspot was being so mean to me I put the pictures of our sealing up with out saying what they were so here it is.

1.First walking out of the temple :)
2. Couples Kissing
3. Siblings that attended. (Left to right) Suzy, Jonathan, Matthew, Christy.
4. My hair! A big thanks to Daisy for doing it and for my wonderful mother who made the tatted butterfly's and flowers to go in it it looked amazing! :D
5.Sitting on the steps
7.Me and my mommy!!!! :D
8. Amos being so sweet
9.Amos was very proud of this one because it was his idea to put the train like that.
10.Me and Amos at the Olive Garden for dinner after the sealing.
11.A group shot at dinner that I thought would be fun to add :)
12.The whole bunch of us!
Matt, Christy, Suzy, Jonathan, Baby Jayden, Michael, Sarah Nicole, Eli, Joseph, Deborah, SarahElizabeth, Bruce, Amos, Sarah Eve, Julie, Morris. :D
(Left back around to right front)

P.S. These are not the professional pictures we had taken just a few off of our digital camera.
Hope you enjoy them :D

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