Saturday, November 12, 2011

Utah trip, a post from my other blog.

Amos' brother had to go back to Idaho for more military training before he deployed so I figured I'd tag along for the ride and take a week in Utah. July 20th-28th, 2010. I had lots of fun seeing family and friends and going to my first rodeo, thanks to Dave who got us tickets! :D We also had a family BBQ for the 24th it was loads of fun and the whole family was there... Well minus Amos he had to work so he couldn't make it out. Here are pictures from the trip! :))

Our messy car while driving.
Jonathan Oyston
Sarah Oyston..(obviously
not me)

Sophie playing with her toys!
Dave meeting us at the door.

Hutton Family Dave Kristen & Sophie.
Grandma and Grandpa.
Me and Spencer.

Sophie was so excited about her new A-Z book that she wanted everyone to read it to her! What a smart little girl she is!

Daddy read it to her.

Grandma read it to her.

Mommy read it to her.

Auntie Sarah read it to her.

After we ate and read Sophie her book we all sat down to a good ol' game of Uno. Sophie even played with a little help from daddy. Spencer is pulling a face because he was oh so close to winning and didn't.
Brothers! they could almost pull off twins now!

The three Hutton kids all grown up :)

Then it was off to the rodeo with Kassie and her sister Jill. What a blast, watching barrel racing calf roping and my personal favorite bull riding! :)

After all was said and done we loaded up the motorcycle and brought it home to Amos.
Boy it sure is hard saying goodbye to family and friends!!!!!!! Hopefully I will return soon! :)

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